Who do you say?

20 12 2011

I didn’t blog at all this fall.  I have been kind of hiding – busy with the youth up at Westside and then two life groups.  If I could pick one word to describe this fall it would be CHALLENGE…

  • A challenge to know what has my heart completely – who or what has captured my heart?
  • A challenge to knowing who I am – Who I am really?  Am I believing what others say or do I believe the one who created me?
  • A challenge to know who my true friends are – I went through a period of trial up until the beginning of November.

I think this fall was hard – was really hard but in November I was reminded that God is bigger than any challenge I am facing.  I was reminded that God has me completely and he only has good things in mind – he has good gifts for me if I look beyond the circumstance I find myself in.  I was reminded that if I draw near to God he will draw near to me.  What a thought as we approach this Christmas Holiday – that God came in the flesh to draw close to us.  We have a choice do we draw near to God or go in the opposite direction.  Do we surrender our will, our dreams, our wants and trust the one who says all things will work to the good of those who love him.  Yes, life stinks sometimes. Yes, life is hard.  Did I want to crawl in a hole and hid during a couple months absolutely but once again God proved himself faithful.  He is so faithful.  He is so good.    I believe that God is good…I believe that God is faithful…I believe  that God is love…I believe that when you trust him in the heartache and know he is in control – he gives joy and peace.  That is my story the last four months.  I am now in a season where I am to be quiet and listen – listen to what he is saying…listen to him say to me “I LOVE YOU and I have good plans for you”.  That is the God I have fallen deeper in love wiith this fall…


California Adventures…

12 07 2011


I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to go to the Dream Center and serve. I really did not know exactly what this trip would be like.  My expectations were blown away…

The first day we were there we went to church and then to Hollywood Boulevard and went to the beach the first night for a teaching/worship time..


Kodak Theatre

The leader of the Group - Pastor John!

The second day we got up and went to San Monica Pier and then the students walked two miles to Venice Beach.  I stayed back and watched the students things.  I had a great time and got into a great conversation plus they made a great Sand Castle (which I don’t have a picture of!).  That evening we went to the Universal City Walk – we ate dinner and did some shopping (where I bought magnets – the don’t cost alot)

San Monica Pier


On Tuesday we finally went to the Dream Center and when we got their we went into a student service called the Movement.  It was a pretty cool service and at the end the teens who were apart of the program prayed with us and that really gave me joy.  We then went to the park and had lunch and I think we had more injuries during lunch then the rest of the week.  Here are a couple photos from the morning.

Justus and Colton - what were they doing? Rapping during the Movement!

We walked a ton of stairs on Tuesday - made me really want to be in shape 🙂

We ate lunch at this park Tuesday through Thursday!

The rest of the time I had the opportunity to take few photos and really am thankful.  I think my camera would have distracted me from what was going on around me.  The first day Tuesday afternoon and we cleaned the temple and I was with the crew that cleoaned windows but we got done fast so we had some time to talk to the men who were with us and one gave the most amazing testimony of what God has done his life, but the thing that stood out to me was a man laying on some grass.  You could tell he was homeless.  It really opened my eyes to the reality of what some of these people lived in!  That evening we went to the Youth Service called the Reach – it was very cool and again our students showed their courage by going up to the front!

Wednesday was a day where we got up and had service projects all day!  The morning my crew went down to the local gas station and cleaned car windows for free and the reactions were varied – from a questioning look to a sure I will allow you to do that…Here is a picture I toke that morning!

Washed Car Windows Wednesday Morning

I don’t have any pictures from Wednesday afternoon nor Wednesday night but I think these two outreaches are my favorite because we were serving and loving people.  Wednesday afternoon I went on the Food Truck and it was such a great feeling giving out food to those who really need it.  That evening we went to Skid Row and I was on the relational team.  Let me tell you the range of emotions I went through that evening – one of fear (to see all those people there and not knowing what I was going to be doing) to compassion and love.  I talked to a man who really showed me that those  people (alot of them – have a lot of hopes and dreams).  Wednesday was by FAR my favorite day of the trip.

Thursday I finally had Adopt a Block and had trash detail in the morning – We went to the neighborhoods around the church and picked up trash – it wasn’t glamorous but it was truly a service to the neighborhood.   In the afternoon we had Food Truck again and we went to hand out food and by far that was the biggest distribution that I toke part in.  I was able to pray for some people as well.

Friday we had our last project – I had out flyers to people who were walking to a bus stop for the Dream Center’s 4th of July party.  I had people who gladly toke it and people rushing by that they had no interest in it what so ever.  I am like that how often to do I rush around and don’t stop and look at the people right in front of me and their needs.  That afternoon we went to Huntington Beach and had our last team meeting.  In was an incredible time – the students shared what God did in their life.  Here are some photos…

Huntington Beach

The Last Team Meeting!

I will never look at people the same after this trip – I will see their eyes and the looks they give.  I will see the joy, the despair, the confusion, and not regretting their decisions.  It was a trip my heart got opened to the needs of the homeless.  It has been real hot in KC the last few days and a thought went through my mind – I wonder how the homeless survive in this heat and I wonder where they go.  I will never be same.

God did an amazing thing in my heart that weekend plus I got to know some of the students better.  WHAT AN AWESOME WEEK!


16 06 2011

You never know what a baby bunny can symbolize or make you think of…I ran across one tonight while I was going for a walk tonight around the Park that I live near.  I wish I had my camera and didn’t want to turn around and head back to the house and scare it away so I walked around the park and came home and grabbed my phone hoping that the bunny with it’s big ears and little body was still there but it wasn’t – I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED.  What good is my camera on my phone when I don’t have it on me.

While on my walk – God showed up.  I actually was still so I could listen – really listen to him.  He showed me that just as he gave the bunny life – he gave me a NEW LIFE.  Oh, how I like to slip back into old patterns of thought – those thought patterns that comes from years ago.  He whispered to me “I came to give you NEW LIFE…are you willing to accept it?”   I continued to walk but really started thinking about this question…and I pose it to you Are you willing to embrace the new life that Christ offers you just by accepting him? I think I will take more walks…I love the park near my house – it has some woods, a couple cool bridges, and a community swimming pool.  I am thankful that I stopped long enough tonight to hear from the one who loves me and created me warts and all : )

Psalm 46:10  He says, “Be still, and know that I am God”

II COR 5:17     “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:] The old has gone, the new is here!”


12 05 2011

Sometime life just stinks.  You think that you defeat something in your life only for it to come roaring back and you just want to scream – can anyone relate?  This last month had some thing that I thought were dead only come back to me and laugh in my face.  I seriously just want to sit down and cry and I have cried!!!  I know upon myself I can really mess things up.  I am so thankful for a God who forgives me time and time again and without his HOPE I don’t know what life would look like for me.  I know one thing during the dark nights I have had the last few weeks if I wasn’t able to pray and cast all this stuff on him I would have gone crazy.  Life isn’t easy.  I look at some of my friends and see what they have been through and am grateful that I know them because they encourage me during this time – they help me look at life with a different perspective.  I am a girl who had a speech problem who still sees herself with that sometimes and a girl who who was never understood at a kid but I don’t say this to have a pity party but I say this to say look at what God did!  I know what life looks like without hope.


13 04 2011

I have been thinking of my dreams for my life – sure it is about 45% over (that is if I live to be 85 years).  I think dreams and hopes at this age are important and so is reflection.   I can reflect on the rough time I had in elementary school whether or not my peers realized it – the teasing and lack of understanding due to my speech problem.  I can reflect on feeling like an outsider among my peers until High School.  You know what I am thankful for those times – thankful that I can see a child alone and go up and start to talk or play with them.  I can notice the teen who comes into a room full of people and feel lost and I pray that I can see those teens in my new volunteer role at my church.  I can reflect on my eighth grade and freshman year of High School and my heart becoming sensitive to the things of God.  I can be thankful for a parachurch organization, K-Life, who was literally 2 minutes away from my house and going to a meeting and for the first time really feeling accepted by my peers and I experienced something there but didn’t know what it was – God was stirring my heart.  I continued to go there because as a freshman in High School I lost hope.  I continued to go my sophomore year and this time the messages started to hit my heart and I remember after one message – going to my bedroom afterwards and surrendering my life to Christ.  I also realize that God started a work in me and will continue that work until completion.  I know God has put me on a NEW journey the last two months and changed ministries and even my plans for the summer.  I also know I still have dreams – dreams to help college/high school students to get to own their faith  and not allow their faith to be someone else’s.  It is so easy to “do” and “say” things but have it a million miles away from where your heart is actually.  I’ve played that game and it just leads to a hard path..  What is my new dream? I am praying for it  but am thankful for where God has put me right here right now.  I have been chosen for this place at this time. I have been SENT…

Decisions Decisions Decisions….

9 02 2011

So I haven’t been updating this in a long time.  I have been trying to make decisions – such as should I continue to attend the church I have been attending, where in the world should I be serving, what groups should I be in and what about this petsitting business I am trying to start at home.  First,  What about the church?  I have been frustrated with somethings that have been going on at the church and about three weeks ago I heard God say this is not the time to change.  I was richly blessed with the series called “Take Responsibility for Your Life”.  I loved the topics – the baggage in our lives, the mess we create in our relationships, the mess we create in our live, and taking responsibility for my spiritual growth.  Wow, what a month of great messages.  I also have had the privilege of being a prayer warrior on our online campus and each week God is bringing someone to pray for in all sorts of situations.  I also get the privilege of teaching 3s at 8:30 and these kids are great.  I think I need to move up with these kiddos in August : ).

This past week I have started my spring studies.  One of them is a Bible Study by Beth Moore on the book of Revelation.  I missed the first week last night due to the snow in KC and my sinus infection.  I did download it and it is incredible. I loved the verse in chapter 1 that says he loves us, he freed us, and made us!    I also love the fact that she said that we are a direct result of our belief system.  I am in a Life Group, too, on Monday nights and it is a group of young women (younger than me : ))  and it is great to be able to laugh and start to build some friendships.  I am so looking forward to the Spring semester.

The only downside to my Bible Study on Tuesday is that once a month I will miss the 2nd Tuesday service.  What a great addition to WFC this year!  I love the leadership element of the service and much needed for members.  While there are alot of struggles in my life, I can honestly say God is good and He is Faithful.  I am one thankful person!

I am trying to start a petsitting business and it very slow process trying to get it started!  I would love to get this business on the side started….so that is a prayer need.


3 01 2011

I have been blown away the last few days.  I really have slowed down and listened to some things on the internet and it has made me an emotional wreck which is okay.  I know crying is not a weakness but it allows you to be able to express what you are experiencing.  My prayer is that my passion would be allowed to take off –  I have felt held back.  I have felt that all I have heard is no…no, we don’t do that but let me tell you if God has given me a passion don’t you think he gave that in me for a reason.  My heart burns for college students.  I love preschool kids but my heart burns for college students.  I feel trapped….Pray for me as I discover my next step!

I love being part of the Internet campus at church and preschool but my heart is with those awesome College Students.  They are striving to become the 268 generation.