Politics 2010

10 01 2010

I hate to bring this up especially in light of the current climate.  What is the most important issue to you never mind congress, democrats, republicans…What issue should they address this year?  If the Presidential election would be today – would you re-elect Obama?  Here is a heavier issue what role should Christ followers play in Politics?

Vote Them Out!

20 02 2009

Okay, we just two months into the Presidency of Obama but I have had it with congress.  They yell at the CEOs of the three big auto makers and then the Speaker of the House goes to Italy on a private jet and in air time alone spends $200,000 according to CNN and the airport where she got the plan.  This does not include expenses while there.  I think it is funny that the CEOs got yelled at and they stayed in the US while three congressional trips are going on right now and using our tax payers dollar.  Do you think they really care about what is going on?  I heard Sam Brownback, US Senator in Kansas, on the radio yesterday.  He is staying here and working.  I think they need to cut costs on these trips if they are important but not $10,000 an hour flying….Just my commentary.


Dear President Obama,

9 11 2008

President Obama,

While I did not vote for you, you are now my president and you said that you would listen to those who did not vote for you.  I would encourage you to do just that – listen to the people who did not vote for you.  We do have many challenges in front of us – the economy, the wars, the health care problem, and many others including education and our rights as citizens (freedom of speech, freedom from the estabishment of religion and the free exercise of).  On the economy, I just read where you want to go ahead with your tax cut for 95% percent of the people.  I really disagree with this.  We need to keep the taxes where they are due to the big debt that we have.  I have taken personal responsibility for my finances.    On the wars, please listen to not only your advisors but the military leaders who are responsible for the brave men and women of our country who are overseas (not just the war zones).    On health care, we do have a major problem but I don’t think nationalizing health care will solve the problems.  Please listen to all sides of this issue and get a bill that will work.    I also am concerned about our first amendment rights – freedom of speech – please don’t let the fairness doctrine pass.  The media has a right to voice their opinion whether it agrees with you or not.  The freedom of religion is near and dear to my heart.  I firmly believe that the United States has become a country where freedom from religions rules the day.  Please appoint judges that are fair and will stick to the law and not decide cases based on circumstances.  I am with you President-Elect Obama and I will be watching what you do – when I agree I will let you know, but if I disagree I will let you know as well.  I wil be praying for you and I would offer one piece of advice – get the wisest men you know, listen to them, and let them sway your positions.  Please don’t get yes men and women in the cabinet.  Get the smartest people regarding energy, foreign policy, defense matters, economic policy, and legal matters even if they disagree with you on some of the issues.  You are a leader – an administrator – a visionary.  I will be praying  for you and our country. Oh, by the way get a big dog and not a little dog for your girls.

Wishing you the best,


Guest Blogger: Anne Jackson

5 11 2008

I found this today on Anne’s blog and thought it was good and need to be said. So, here it goes:

Don’t Rely on Obama

November 5th, 2008 @ 10:30 am

i am not a political person. i don’t enjoy discussing politics much because, to me, it seems almost as fruitless as discussing the grey areas of theology. just lots of opinions going ’round and ’round and ’round. i don’t like things that go ’round and ’round and ’round. but hey, that’s just me.

america is full of mixed emotions now. some are angry that the perceived anti-christ and his liege of evil, democratic minions are calling the shots. some are elated that the party tables have turned around a little bit and are looking forward to the change that could bring. some are disappointed, but hopeful.

this post has nothing to do with obama winning last night. this post has to do with us, the american people. if anything, this election has shown us that change is possible. that hope is present. and that there is a new generation of leaders that are excited and optimistic about the future – regardless of who is hanging out in the whitehouse.

by the time i woke up this morning, my inbox was already inundated with “sure, everyone is hopeful, but once they see obama can’t deliver, they’ll be let down.” and i think that is an immature and ridiculous way of looking at the current state of our country.


we shouldn’t rely on obama. or congress. or the house. we should rely on each other. on the american people. in the last year, we have united like never before. we have celebrated and challenged the status quo and passionately supported people we believe in.

at this pivotal time in our nation, i ask that you do a few things:

1) if you’re whining, stop.

2) look around your own neighborhood. what needs to change? get to know your neighbors and make those changes!

3) what’s going on in your city? more importantly, who is leading your city? get involved and share your voice. and get to work!

4) what’s a cause you believe in? for me, it’s healthcare. there are local and regional organizations for just about anything under the sun. find them. join them. get to know your state representatives and congresspeople. let them know how they can best serve you.

5) pray. obama can’t change the world. but he sure could use your support and prayers, whether you agree with his position on issues or not.

don’t rely on obama to guide this country into the future.

you have responsibility beyond voting.

so ask yourself, as an american, what are you going to do with that?

Thanks Anne and words well spoken!


28 10 2008

I first want to thank Dave Ramsey for making me think about this – we have been talking about the “greed” of the wealthy but what about “envy”.  You see we Americans are guilty of both.  We are not content with what we have – I don’t make a ton of money and have been leaving within my means since May 2007 (that means no credit care use).  I have never felt freer.  I have been able to be content with what I have.  Is one of the reasons why Americans are so needing a change is that they have been living above their means?  Is  the reason why  Americans have so many foreclosures is that people bought homes that they could not afford? (I am not saying the lenders are not guilty – they are).  The problem is that when you seek to keep up with Jones you are going to get burned. 

Now, I really am going to step on toes.  What about those people who really do need help?  What about those people whose life has taken a toll?   I am guilty of not helping more – as a Christian I should do more – I may not have money but I have time and that is valuable to feed the needy, to donate clothes to shelters.  I think it is the churches job – I heard someone use Acts 4 as a reason for government to be involved and I find that sort of funny.  We think we can bring God into society when it fits our agenda – however it is the churches job to choose life, it is the churches job to help the poor and needy, it is the individuals responsibility and when we get moving incredible things can happen.  Peter did say “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  I applaud the Democrats for emphasizing the second part but can’t they do that without government intervention?  I applaud Republicans for valuing traditional values such as protecting the life of the unborn and protecting the way God created marriage?  I think we as Christians emphasize one part of what God says.  Are we Christians so polluted by the world that we don’t hear God and what he desires?  Do we give like we ought to give?  What if we actually did give a tithe – what could happen? Imagine the possibilities…our God is capable of more than we can ask or imagine…


Just some thoughts….

The main reason I won’t vote Obama

21 08 2008

I have been watching alot of the political coverage this year so far and there are some fundamental reasons why I can’t vote for Obama.  Let’s talk economics first – he wants to increase taxes.  While he is saying that he won’t increase payroll taxes for anyone  who makes more than $250,000, I have hunch that is not true and that lower paid people may pay more.  I also worry about him increasing Social Security withholding.  That is the economic reason.  I am all for helping people but I really believe the church and individuals are best to help the poor, the hungry, etc.

Next comes an issue that goes to the core of who I am – social conservative issues (abortion and gay marriages and family values).  I really don’t like that Obama voted present instead of voting up or down.  He couldn’t vote yes to protect a baby that was alive outside the womb when the Abortion was messed up – okay, that to me is a live human being and should be protected as such.  Next Gay Marriage, he says that marriage is between a man and woman but yet he won’t protect that union and he is for civil marriages.

I can’t in my good mind vote Obama while the person I wanted is not on the ticket – I will vote for pro-life, low taxes, pro-family. 


pretty funny

22 07 2008

I was watching the beginning of the news tonight and the severe weather in Linn county and near LaCygne – it’s right by a camp that I worked at a long time ago and actually the severe weather hit the other camp which caused us to have to take shelter in the bathrooms. It is funny because it just seems it hits every summer but at the same time makes me concerned because of what happened at the Boy Scout camp in Iowa this summer.  We should not only pray for spiritual protection but physical protection when we know people going to camp.