Don’t listen…

28 07 2012

I entitled this don’t listen – but I encourage you to listen to your friends – the people who have your back even when you screw up (and I know I mess up a ton).  The people who encourage and love you when they see your faults and don’t ignore you instead they work through the conflicts. I heard a message one time from a pastor and he said “Consider the source’.  For example, would you put a lot of weight when a person who knows you barely criticizing you – my question is do they really have the right to say those things and let it get underneath your skin.  I hear that pastor whispering in my ear “consider the source”.  This is an example.  I just want to encourage you to really pay attention if you are listening to people instead of God –  I love this I got this from a 30 Day Campaign that Passion City Church is doing called Wide Awake to Who You are.  Each day I have gotten an e-mail that starts like this –  Good Morning… just wanted to remind you who you are in Christ:  God-designed, purpose-intended, significant, lavishly-loved, prince/princess, son/daughter of the King of the Universe and then it says receive his love by meditating on a verse and then reflect his love.   I believe we can’t truly love like God wants us to until we receive his love.  

I can think of so many situations lately where I have to say to myself “CONSIDER THE SOURCE”.  Is it true?   So my question to you and me is this WHO ARE LISTENING TO?  Are you listening to the God of the universe who loves you and when he points out sin – he is doing it out of love and wants you to grow stronger.  He has made you a MASTERPIECE.






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