You Lost Me…A Boook about the younger generation

18 04 2012

Here is a quote from a book I am reading and it made me go WOW!..

“When it comes to young Catholics’ and Protestants’ perspective about Jesus Christ, are the age group least likely to say they are personally committed to Christ.  While they have generally favorable views of Jesus, they also harbor significant doubt about the central figure of Christianity.  Young Adults are more likely than any other age group to belive that Jesus sinned, to doubt the miracles Jesus performed, and to express skepticism about his resurrection.  Despite their previous religious experiences, twentysomethings are the least likely to say they are confident that Jesus Christ speaks to them in a way that is personal and relevant to their circumstances.”


From You Lost Me..

I wanna to be an idiot (catchy title isn’t it )

12 04 2012

I heard a great message from the Pastor of Craig Groeschel and his topic was being an idiot for Christ.  At the beginning he reminded me that God calls the outcasts to make a difference in the kingdom and he uses people that have been with Jesus.  He discussed three things that idiots for Christ do:

1…They obey irrationally.  

He said they say yes even when it doesn’t make sense and he reminded us when God tells you to do something just do it – RIGHT AWAY!

2.  They give extravagantly.

He reminded us that EVERYTHING I have belongs to the Lord and that if the church got serious about giving how their won’t be a need in our community.  Look at Acts 4:34-35 – there wasn’t a needy person in that community.  Just a thought – how many single moms do we know?  How do we help them?  How many people do we know who are out of work – do we help them?   I want my generosity in all areas to go up.

3. Lastly, they believe what other’s say can’t be done.

How many of us shrink back because others say yeah right?  How many of us say yes but you don’t know how this hinders me?  Am I a big enough idiot to believe that God can use me right now in my brokenness.

One of my goals this year is to listen to more messages, to read more books, and to journal more.  I have some serious time to do this and am so grateful. I have some work to do and am so thankful for this season in my life.