Who do you say?

20 12 2011

I didn’t blog at all this fall.  I have been kind of hiding – busy with the youth up at Westside and then two life groups.  If I could pick one word to describe this fall it would be CHALLENGE…

  • A challenge to know what has my heart completely – who or what has captured my heart?
  • A challenge to knowing who I am – Who I am really?  Am I believing what others say or do I believe the one who created me?
  • A challenge to know who my true friends are – I went through a period of trial up until the beginning of November.

I think this fall was hard – was really hard but in November I was reminded that God is bigger than any challenge I am facing.  I was reminded that God has me completely and he only has good things in mind – he has good gifts for me if I look beyond the circumstance I find myself in.  I was reminded that if I draw near to God he will draw near to me.  What a thought as we approach this Christmas Holiday – that God came in the flesh to draw close to us.  We have a choice do we draw near to God or go in the opposite direction.  Do we surrender our will, our dreams, our wants and trust the one who says all things will work to the good of those who love him.  Yes, life stinks sometimes. Yes, life is hard.  Did I want to crawl in a hole and hid during a couple months absolutely but once again God proved himself faithful.  He is so faithful.  He is so good.    I believe that God is good…I believe that God is faithful…I believe  that God is love…I believe that when you trust him in the heartache and know he is in control – he gives joy and peace.  That is my story the last four months.  I am now in a season where I am to be quiet and listen – listen to what he is saying…listen to him say to me “I LOVE YOU and I have good plans for you”.  That is the God I have fallen deeper in love wiith this fall…