12 05 2011

Sometime life just stinks.  You think that you defeat something in your life only for it to come roaring back and you just want to scream – can anyone relate?  This last month had some thing that I thought were dead only come back to me and laugh in my face.  I seriously just want to sit down and cry and I have cried!!!  I know upon myself I can really mess things up.  I am so thankful for a God who forgives me time and time again and without his HOPE I don’t know what life would look like for me.  I know one thing during the dark nights I have had the last few weeks if I wasn’t able to pray and cast all this stuff on him I would have gone crazy.  Life isn’t easy.  I look at some of my friends and see what they have been through and am grateful that I know them because they encourage me during this time – they help me look at life with a different perspective.  I am a girl who had a speech problem who still sees herself with that sometimes and a girl who who was never understood at a kid but I don’t say this to have a pity party but I say this to say look at what God did!  I know what life looks like without hope.