13 04 2011

I have been thinking of my dreams for my life – sure it is about 45% over (that is if I live to be 85 years).  I think dreams and hopes at this age are important and so is reflection.   I can reflect on the rough time I had in elementary school whether or not my peers realized it – the teasing and lack of understanding due to my speech problem.  I can reflect on feeling like an outsider among my peers until High School.  You know what I am thankful for those times – thankful that I can see a child alone and go up and start to talk or play with them.  I can notice the teen who comes into a room full of people and feel lost and I pray that I can see those teens in my new volunteer role at my church.  I can reflect on my eighth grade and freshman year of High School and my heart becoming sensitive to the things of God.  I can be thankful for a parachurch organization, K-Life, who was literally 2 minutes away from my house and going to a meeting and for the first time really feeling accepted by my peers and I experienced something there but didn’t know what it was – God was stirring my heart.  I continued to go there because as a freshman in High School I lost hope.  I continued to go my sophomore year and this time the messages started to hit my heart and I remember after one message – going to my bedroom afterwards and surrendering my life to Christ.  I also realize that God started a work in me and will continue that work until completion.  I know God has put me on a NEW journey the last two months and changed ministries and even my plans for the summer.  I also know I still have dreams – dreams to help college/high school students to get to own their faith  and not allow their faith to be someone else’s.  It is so easy to “do” and “say” things but have it a million miles away from where your heart is actually.  I’ve played that game and it just leads to a hard path..  What is my new dream? I am praying for it  but am thankful for where God has put me right here right now.  I have been chosen for this place at this time. I have been SENT…




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