Decisions Decisions Decisions….

9 02 2011

So I haven’t been updating this in a long time.  I have been trying to make decisions – such as should I continue to attend the church I have been attending, where in the world should I be serving, what groups should I be in and what about this petsitting business I am trying to start at home.  First,  What about the church?  I have been frustrated with somethings that have been going on at the church and about three weeks ago I heard God say this is not the time to change.  I was richly blessed with the series called “Take Responsibility for Your Life”.  I loved the topics – the baggage in our lives, the mess we create in our relationships, the mess we create in our live, and taking responsibility for my spiritual growth.  Wow, what a month of great messages.  I also have had the privilege of being a prayer warrior on our online campus and each week God is bringing someone to pray for in all sorts of situations.  I also get the privilege of teaching 3s at 8:30 and these kids are great.  I think I need to move up with these kiddos in August : ).

This past week I have started my spring studies.  One of them is a Bible Study by Beth Moore on the book of Revelation.  I missed the first week last night due to the snow in KC and my sinus infection.  I did download it and it is incredible. I loved the verse in chapter 1 that says he loves us, he freed us, and made us!    I also love the fact that she said that we are a direct result of our belief system.  I am in a Life Group, too, on Monday nights and it is a group of young women (younger than me : ))  and it is great to be able to laugh and start to build some friendships.  I am so looking forward to the Spring semester.

The only downside to my Bible Study on Tuesday is that once a month I will miss the 2nd Tuesday service.  What a great addition to WFC this year!  I love the leadership element of the service and much needed for members.  While there are alot of struggles in my life, I can honestly say God is good and He is Faithful.  I am one thankful person!

I am trying to start a petsitting business and it very slow process trying to get it started!  I would love to get this business on the side started….so that is a prayer need.




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10 02 2011

Loved reading what’s on your heart! I know God will give you the guidance and answers you are seeking. Thanks for serving so faithfully with our kids. I love reading that you are so connected to them that you want to move up with them! That relationship is what makes the lessons you teach stick in their hearts. Thanks for investing! You are a blessing.

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