3 01 2011

I have been blown away the last few days.  I really have slowed down and listened to some things on the internet and it has made me an emotional wreck which is okay.  I know crying is not a weakness but it allows you to be able to express what you are experiencing.  My prayer is that my passion would be allowed to take off –  I have felt held back.  I have felt that all I have heard is no…no, we don’t do that but let me tell you if God has given me a passion don’t you think he gave that in me for a reason.  My heart burns for college students.  I love preschool kids but my heart burns for college students.  I feel trapped….Pray for me as I discover my next step!

I love being part of the Internet campus at church and preschool but my heart is with those awesome College Students.  They are striving to become the 268 generation.



2 01 2011

I watched Passion 2011 last night and something Louie Giglio said hit my heart – 1.1.11 is a chance for a new beginning – a new beginning that I have decided to have some real tangible goals


  1. I have picked four books to study on my own and do their study guides.
  2. I have decided my devotional this year is Turning Point by David Jeremiah.
  3. I have decided that I will read through the entire Bible this year.
  4. I have decided to be prayerful about finding a person that I can spend time with and disciple
  5. I have decided to write down an application from any message I hear either on the radio, podcast, or church
  6. I have decided to journal at the end of the day
  7. I commit to find a Life Group that I can do life with – that I can share my horrible weeks and my great weeks and that I can just do life with.
  8. I commit to find a way I can invest in College Students and minister to them.

EMOTIONAL GOALS:  I commit to being honest in the Christ Life group I am in and finish Phase 1 and if Phase 2 and 3 are offered to finish those.  I am going to process some junk in my life.


  1. I commit to exercising at least 4 times a week
  2. I commit to eating healthier by eating more greens and fruits instead of the chips I love so dearly.


Those are some of the goals that I have in the new year.