10 08 2010

I am writing on something that is near to my heart and something I can get excited about and that is working with kids and youth.  I love kids and teens are at the age when they are making life decisions.  I have worked with kids for six years and most of that time I was working with 2 and 3 year olds.  They are fun – you can love on them and share that God loves them and made them.  The biggest blessing came last year when I found out that one of the kids I taught GOT what we taught in pre-school and then the parents drove those truths home by teaching him at home and got him a Christian pre-school.  What a great blessing!  At age 5 he gave his heart to Christ.  Ah, what a great moment for me and the others who had poured our life into thise  boy.  Yet, I know that we need to continue to grow him into a strong follower of Christ – it starts at home and needs a strong elementary school, middle school, and high school program to help the parents.  The parents are the first ministers but what happens once the student graduates from High School is crucial also.  I hope they have a strong foundation of their own but they do need fellowship, time in the word and time of prayer and yes time of sharing their faith. 

I think an effective church also develops leaders and they start intentionally pouring into the High School student and College student. The goals – Grow them in their faith, Train them in Ministry, allow them to do ministry and then teach them how to reproduce themselves.  I unashamedly take this from another church but this can fit into any church in my opinion.  College is a transformational age and I believe an age neglected by the majority of churches.  That is why some churches who do decide to start a program and under prayer and guidance from God can grow.   Is it important to determine if it is in a LIFE Group (small group) or large group.  I don’t think so?.  I think it is important for college students to be valued by the church since it does contain the leaders of tomorrow.  Just some thoughts as school is going to be starting and thinking about what kind of legacy I want to leave.




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