26 05 2010

Ah, I wanted to remember some great things that ALL the churches I have attended did and how it impacted my life.

First of foremost, Cure of Ars, the Catholic church – you gave me the first person who had a joy that really came from the Lord and noticed a difference in a person’s life.  I came to understand what Christianity really is – a relationship with the help of the para-church group K-Life.

Seccondly, Heartland Community Church, I can’t say enough…it gave me a love for going to church I have never lost.  You gave me an opportunity to serve – in Middle School and then learn how to give your life away.  I remember those College Retreats that I went on (even though I was out of college) and the staying up until 2 or later talking about life.  I also remember staying up almost all night because God was working on my heart.  You gave me a community to go to KSU with and for that I am grateful – with those friends and with a little nudge from a friend I got involved in a college ministry.  Thank you Heartland you made a difference in my life especially.  You showed what it meant to serve.

Ah, the last church before coming to Westside Family Church is First Family Church.  Thank you for showing me the Word of God  and boldly proclaiming and teaching the Word of God.  You got me in the Word and learn it.  Thank you FFC!

Westside, my current church, I just have to say Thanks.  It has been a rough few years as a church family.  You taught me the most valuable lesson – no church is perfect only the God we worship is perfect.  I also need to thank you for taking the Word of God and showing me how to apply it to my daily life.  I also learned that I love to serve kids.   I also learned how to lead a group not so well – that is okay.  It was just a learning experience…yet I love to meet one on one with folks and am stronger there than leading small groups maybe those weekly lunches in College got me used to it.  I also learned how to have fun with a group and also do life with people (oh by the way if you don’t know this already LIFE STINKS sometimes but God is our refuge a very present help in time of need).  You had me play farkle and learned to lose every game.  My faith became personalized and I got to KNOW God – I knew of him but never in the personal way that I know him now. WFC –  thank you.  I became a person with a sense of humor and a person who will do what it takes to let people come to know Christ.  I look forward to more memories with you and if God moves me to serve him in a new way – THANK YOU for who you are – a church who loves Jesus, who wants people to become more like Jesus, and sharing Jesus here in our neighborhood, in our community, in our nation, and in the world.

My heart – “I thank my God every time I remember you”




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