Easter Thoughts –

4 04 2010
My church’s Easter service used the prodigal son story as the back drop to their service.  We told the story using today’s music and the story from the Bible of a son who got his inheritance from his son, spent all of it, worked in a pig farm, and then came back home to a Father with arms opened wide plus a son who has been there for a long time and didn’t get the importance of the son coming home.  Our pastor then shared what he has learned the last year and that is we need to stay close to God and he then gave an invitation to come home (we don’t give public invitations very often but today’s service was one of those) and we used Come Home Running by Chris Tomlin as the invitation song.   I included these lyrics here but I also hope that people didn’t take away from the service the music, the art or anything else but toke away the extraordinary love of God.



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