28 02 2010

I was able to take part in a retreat this weekend and it was wonderful —the worship was awesome, the stories and the joy each lady had in the midst of incredible trials was inspiring.  However, I looked in the room and noticed there were women missing — women who are a part of Westside and either don’t feel comfortable going to a “women’s” event or feel like they won’t know anyone and to each one I really encourage you to take part in the next event.  Get out of your comfort zone…I KNOW how hard it is to get out of your comfort zone and do something like this and I had to take a step out of my comfort zone 5 years ago…I got out of my comfortable “singles” group and went to a Life Group with a mixture of ladies – one married with 4 kids, one empty nester, one new grandma, a single who came back from the mission field, and low and behold a gal I knew from a previous group and then we opened up and I met four more incredible women.  How, I grew and learned from women further down the road and they  HAVE SO MUCH to give younger women – I am not talking mentoring although my heart is still beating for that even though I feel shut down at every turn in my current environment and I get discouraged!  I am thankful for ALL the women.  Wow, what a great ride the last five years.