Sticks and Stones May…

14 01 2010

We have all heard the saying – sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me – I can say that is biggest lie out there.  I have grown the last two or three years and a lot of the things I had to work through was some things that kids said to me in the past and I had no idea how much they impacted me – they impacted my relationships, my attitudes,   I had a couple people come along side me – a counselor (now a friend) and a good friend that loved on me even when I did some stupid stuff.  Words sting and the do sting still today – I sometimes am oversenstitive to what is said to me because of the verbal attacks and never being understood by my peers – call me challenged in this area and am aware of it and am growing each and every day and I have God’s strength behind me.  I remember this verse – The LORD is my refuge and strength and very present help in time of trouble…I also have a God who sees my heart and each situation I find myself in.




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