Meeting God in an Authentic Way

8 11 2009

As I have been going to church the last few weeks – worship has become more important to me not the sound but the words and the attitude of my heart.  The worship is important because that where we meet God or one of the ways.  I heard it said once in college if you can’t sing from your heart don’t sing.  I was getting more and more convicted of this and saw that I was not connecting with God in worship at the campus I was worshipping at.  It’s not a matter of getting feed or the exciting songs but am I meeting God.  I changed where I worshipped and I love it – I can meet God and sing songs from my heart and that is the first time in more than six months.  I thank God for this move because that allowed me to worship from my heart.  He is a mighty God and he is waiting for his bride to come to him with an open heart and trusting heart.  Thank you for loving me!  Thank you for healing me! Thank you for saving me! 

This post comes from an overflowing heart tonight!

A New Old Conviction

1 11 2009

This week God again reminded me of the need for me to disciple someone but until tonight I got discouraged because I was counting on my church having a minitstry and yet tonight I was reminded that it is MY responsibility and I can do discipleship or mentoring without having a program – all I need is someone who I see potential and ask them.  It is my responisibility.  God teach me and let me hunger for you.

What is God teaching you?