A memorable month…

3 06 2009

The last month our church has taken part in What if the Church and the whole concept started last year when three churches in the KC area got  together and thenn this year more than 10 churches got together had sermons/messages on loving mercy,  act justly, and walking humbly with your God and we then had a serve day which I could not take part in due to exhaustion and being sick the day of the event.  Tonight was the final event and it was the Worship Night where the different churches led us in worship, prayer, and communion.  It was fantastic…one of the people from Westside  toke a picture of the crowd….


Here it is….

God of This City

LORD, MAKE US ONE! MAY GOD DO GREATER THINGS IN KC AND  LET THE CHURCH BECOME ONE IN MISSION – to reach the hurting, to reach the poor, to reach the single mom, to reach the drug addict, to reach those who don’t have a relationship with him.  Let us love mercy, act justly, and walk humbly with our God.

WHAT IF?  what if 12 churches mutiplies by 4 next year again -48 local churches?  What if we had a serve day and thousands came out?  A dream yes but God can do more than we can ask or imagine….




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