One million dolllars…

1 06 2009

I was thinking about what I would do if I had a million dollars handed to me…

Here is what I would do and it is in the order that I would do it…

  • 250,000 to my local church
  • 200,000 to buy a nice home
  • 25,000 to buy a car (my Ford Escape my dream car)

That is 475,000. 525,000 left

  • 25,000 for an emergency fund
  • 200,000 invest

That is $700,000…now what…I still have 300,000.

  • I would give some money to single moms who are having a hard time getting started ($25,000)
  • I would give some money to our mission partners around the globe ($25,000)
  • I would start a college ministry that would train college students to do ministry and rock their world! I have no idea how much I would put towards this since this age is near and dear to my heart! ($50,000 maybe)

Wow, I still have plenty of money…$200,000 left

  • Okay, so I would have some fun with the money – travel to Florida, travel to Washington DC, travel to California, travel to the Grand Camyans again, go on some cruises ($20,000)
  • I would suprise my family and help them with paying off their houses and cars (that would be the rest of it).

What would you do if you got handed $1,000,000?  I invite comments!




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