Pet Trick – Play Dead

27 05 2009

Great pet trick!  Love it


Six years ago…

2 05 2009

It has been six years – six years ago this weekend I walked out of a church angry and hurt and questioning the leadership of the church.  Six years ago I walked into my current church and my current church has taught me a valuable lesson – NO CHURCH IS IMMUNE TO PROBLEMS!  Two years ago in April a big crisis hit my current church and I am truly excited where God is taking us.  It is because of God that I am there – not relationships even though I love those people but because I see God at work. 

This is not the purpose of this entry though – it’s about my old church.  I have been watching and seeing what has happened there since I left and yes I have heard and seen the problems.  It is in the public eye yet I dislike the hatred and bitterness that I see in some people’s lives who have left that church.  It hurts my heart because it is those people who are hurting not the church – the church is trying to take more ground for Jesus Christ and  as a Christian I will say go God!  God works through broken people and sinful people – Christians are not perfect we just have a God that loves us and forgives us if we ask him to forgive us.  I have a love for that church that only God has given me.   God is working there and pray that it will reach the community around that building. 

I will say what if the church was united in heart and would support other churches like it should.  What if indeed?   Words to the Church of Jesus Christ: DREAM BIG!  We have a God who says all things are possible with him. DREAM BIG!