2 04 2009

Well, my blog has been very quiet lately…just been very busy and also sick with sinus infection plus my arthitis is acting up.  One of my fingers is very sore when I try to bend it – OUCH!  It doesn’t mean that I haven’t had things to say but I need to organize my thoughts better.  I just wanted to write some  thoughts down  which I got it from Beth Moore –  “God can’t turn a table that was never set against you” and this question “Am I strong or just spoiled?”  Are we strong because things are stacked against us or are we spoiled when we can worship in a free manner.

Here are the scenarios that Beth talked about during the study…

It’s tough being a woman…

  1. In Another women’s shadow
  2. Where beauty is a treatment
  3. In a mean world
  4. When we’ve been thrown a giant size weight
  5. in the Tight fist of fear
  6. Who can balance passion with patience
  7. who  feels responsible for the how.

She unpacks each of these and how we can fight these situations during the Esther study and I would recommend it to any women.  I can’t believe it is over after next week.  I have grown up during these weeks and the one thing that stood out to me was how God turned the tables but he can’t until the table is set against us!

This weekend I will post one of my most heart felt posts on my former Life Group and how thankful I am for each woman who have been part of the Messer/Pockrandt life group the last three and half years!  Wow, what a ride!!!!  I will share some of the life lessons that I learned from this group and it all starts with being FAT!  I do want to be fat in this case!




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