Have you been Thrown?

11 03 2009

Okay,  I need to continue blogging about Beth Moore – GET OUT OF THAT PIT.  I have made it goal to read a chapter a day until I am done with the book and of course I have picked out several books on my bookshelf that I haven’t bothered to read, but today was all about being, “thrown into a pit.”  She said you are thrown into a pit when you get into a pit when you are innocent and something happens that causes you to get into a pit.”  She used Genesis 37:23-25 as a reference when Joseph was thrown into the  pit by his brothers.  A pit is when  you get stuck, you can’t stand up, and you have no vision because of what someone has done to you.   I have been there.  I can remember staying in the mess also.  Beth made a point if someone else did it to you – you need to forgive that person.  I understand that – a few years ago I was in a pit and I went to a counselor and she got to the heart of the situation, of my hurt and that is the lack of forgiveness on my part and let me tell you it was not fun being me for about a week struggling with the lack of forgiveness in my heart.  I blamed them – IT’S ALL THEIR FAULT.  I love how she said that the only person who is hurting when you hold a grudge is you.  I was holding a grudge and it was only hurting me – deep down. (I could write another whole thing on forgiveness but that isn’t what this is about).

The second way we can get into a pit is self-blame.   I need to add some of Beth’s words because her words are better than mine -“Satan is a master at using our own insecurity against us.  He knows that deep in our hearts we’re so fragile and injured by life that his faintest whisper will talk us into feeling guilty even when we’re not.  Satan know the hardest person for us to forgive will always be ourself. Most people never do forgive themselves.   – Have you forgiven yourself for a wrong you committed and how did you finally forgive yourself, because to be honest I get angry at myself for some things I have done in the past?

And lastly It’s all God fault.  I have never said that – I might have said – “Why did God allow this to happen”.  I love how Beth Moore said in her latest study we can have a reversal of destiny.  This reversal of destiny happens we you finally understand that God wants to use your hurts – the rejection of peers, the words that were said to you.  At the end of this chapter she says this and it made me stop and pause -Would I be willing to hear those same I words I spoke to Keith?  YOu have the capacity to be a ten times neater person healed then you would have been just plain well.  Your wealth of experience makes you rich.  Spend it on hurt people.”  GOD CAN USE YOUR BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT AND HURT!  God can change the course of MY life and that is what I am praying that God uses all these situations and use them to further his kingdom.   He is EL ROI!!!   The God who sees!

At the end of the chapter she ended with this – “Beloved, let this one sink in deeply: if God allowed you to be thrown into a pit, you weren’t picked on; you were picked out.  God entrusted that suffering to you because he has faith in you.  Live up to it.  All the way up.

When I finished reading this chapter my heart was heavy.  “Lord, make me an instrument to reach those that you love.  Make me an instrument to those people who have the same experiences as I had.  Change the direction of my life.  Let me have a peripety in my life”




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