18 02 2009

I have joined this study up at WFC and to say the least it has really been a rich time in God’s word.  Each session has a statement It’s Tough being a woman…(you can see all the scenarios on my other page) but I would encourage you to listen to some if not all of the lessons and get the member book.  The times in the word during the week is rich.  For example, these are some of the statements in my homework (I am careul not to say to much because I want the women reading this to do this study!!!).

“Haman launched psychological weapons against the Jews, and we find ourselves in the crosshairs of the same weapon in the hands of our enemy who is trying to get back at God by attacking us.  Because Satan has a limited leash where believers are concerned, his most powerful tactics are psychological.  Though he can’t possess our minds, he profoundly and destructively influence our thoughts.”

A comforting thought…”The beutifully frustrating part of Satan’s insatiable bloodlust is that ultimately he cannot have what he wants.  In reality, he cannot destroy even one of us who belongs to God through Christ Jesus.  Satan is bereft of the power he wants most.  Even if he succeeded in murder, only our earthly bodies could be harmed.  In a metaphorical sense, we’d simply unzip them and walk free of their encumbrane and, in perfect health and vitality, step straight into the lives we were saved to live.   Gather this into your soul: When all is said and done, Satan can’t win and you can’t lose”

Wow!   I could go on but I really would like others to do this study and hear for themselves what God wants them to learn!  He truly has a destiny for all of us —-I will blog next Wednesday about what stood out this week in my homework.




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