A Journey through Exodus

29 01 2009

In my reading through the Bible, I have gotten to the book of Exodus and there is so much depth to it.  I am just on the plagues but in 8 chapters there is a lot of meaning…how many of us quarrel with our maker – wanting to be something we are not (at least I struggle with this sometimes), what about hardening our heart toward something God encourages or leads us to do.  I am enjoying the journey.

I read a little bit of Psalm, Proverbs and New Testament each day.  In Matthew, the bottom line is faith – do you believe that God can do amazing things in your life and through you.  God invites us to journey with him and my challenge daily is to listen to him and let him lead as he sees fit.

This is one of those times in my life where I am hot not lukewarm and am very thankful.  Thankful for people who encourage me.  Thankful for people who tell me the truth not out of bitterness or rage but out of love. 

God is the God who provides for ALL our needs, God is the God who sees our heart, God invites us to surrender and become LORD of our life, God is our Banner the one who fights for us, God is the creator not only of the universe but the creator of each human being and has each hair of our head numbered, and this is the God I chose to worship….which leads to another entry another day – when you sing at church do you sing to the one who the lyrics are about or sing to the beat?  Why do you sing at church?  Another entry for another day….

Oh if you want an awesome study Do Lord, I want to know you by Kay Arthur.  I encountered God during that study…



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