The Year in Review and the Year ahead!

10 12 2008

Alot has been going on this year in my life.  I had a great mentor, a challenge to resolve a conflict, a debate of where I should be and where I should serve. First on the mentor, we did a study on love – try to put into practice these words – do good to those who hate you, serve one another in love.  We also did a book on discipleship Disciples Are Made Not Born and I would encourage anyone who has a heart for discipleship to read this book.  Secondly on the conflict,  I had to approach someone that I had conflict with – hard and very uncomfortable.  I wanted to grow chicken feathers, but an encouraging voice said go.  I said it was so long ago – an encouraging voice said that being  obedient to God is worth it.  I had to come to a point prior to approaching this person I was comfortable no matter what reaction this person gave – I was and God was obeyed.  I left the results and am leaving the results to God.

Thirdly I have written lately about community and change and yet I feel like God is guiding me once again to stay put – he is saying this is a community where I am at work.  Does this mean that I won’t pursue new avenues to serve – NO!  I will serve where he wants – I know my heart is to mentor young people and to be honest I don’t see an openness in my current community for me to join and it hurts.  So…I am looking at joining up with an organization that first led me to Christ and softened my heart to God’s Word my sophomore year of High School.  I know God has called me to disciple others and it isn’t just a call – it is a matter of obedience….Jesus said, “Go and make disciples”  I think we focus sometimes so much on the going that we forget about the disciples.  God is going to complete his work in me and I am confident in that.  God wants me to follow through on my commitments for the next year (some goals: Read through the Bible, complete Phillipians memorization, and become truly a prayer warrior ).  God wants me to know he is in control of every detail of my life.  He wants me to have the proper perspective when the storms hit in 2009 – Keep my eyes on things above (Colossians 3). 

Psalm 115:1 -Not to us, O LORD, not to us  but to your name be the glory,  because of your love and faithfulness.




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