Initial thoughts about Colossians

1 12 2008

My life group during the month of December is going to be spending time in Colossians and as I was reading it I was struck by how Paul kept reminding them that they ARE forgiven.  A question came to my mind – if I am forgiven why do I live sometimes like I am not and feel guilty.  I need to believe God forgave me and walk in that freedom. 

He also said to not focus on  earthly things but heavenly things.   He told us to put off our sinful nature and put on the new self.  He lists characteristics that we will exhibit when we are walking in the Spirit such as compassion, forgiving, kindness, humility, peace, thankfulness, and most of all love.  Paul describes how Christ is fully God and how Christ lives in us so we have the characteristics of God in us – I just have to step out of the way to let him work through me if I yield myself to the spirit (which ishard).  Wow!  Colossians is rich – 4 weeks to unpack – I wish we had more time!  I will be diving into this book more throughout the month.

And lastly a question, why did Paul end the book with this “I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand.  Remember my chains. Grace by with you.”  Why did Paul want to remember his chains?




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