Dear President Obama,

9 11 2008

President Obama,

While I did not vote for you, you are now my president and you said that you would listen to those who did not vote for you.  I would encourage you to do just that – listen to the people who did not vote for you.  We do have many challenges in front of us – the economy, the wars, the health care problem, and many others including education and our rights as citizens (freedom of speech, freedom from the estabishment of religion and the free exercise of).  On the economy, I just read where you want to go ahead with your tax cut for 95% percent of the people.  I really disagree with this.  We need to keep the taxes where they are due to the big debt that we have.  I have taken personal responsibility for my finances.    On the wars, please listen to not only your advisors but the military leaders who are responsible for the brave men and women of our country who are overseas (not just the war zones).    On health care, we do have a major problem but I don’t think nationalizing health care will solve the problems.  Please listen to all sides of this issue and get a bill that will work.    I also am concerned about our first amendment rights – freedom of speech – please don’t let the fairness doctrine pass.  The media has a right to voice their opinion whether it agrees with you or not.  The freedom of religion is near and dear to my heart.  I firmly believe that the United States has become a country where freedom from religions rules the day.  Please appoint judges that are fair and will stick to the law and not decide cases based on circumstances.  I am with you President-Elect Obama and I will be watching what you do – when I agree I will let you know, but if I disagree I will let you know as well.  I wil be praying for you and I would offer one piece of advice – get the wisest men you know, listen to them, and let them sway your positions.  Please don’t get yes men and women in the cabinet.  Get the smartest people regarding energy, foreign policy, defense matters, economic policy, and legal matters even if they disagree with you on some of the issues.  You are a leader – an administrator – a visionary.  I will be praying  for you and our country. Oh, by the way get a big dog and not a little dog for your girls.

Wishing you the best,





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