28 10 2008

I first want to thank Dave Ramsey for making me think about this – we have been talking about the “greed” of the wealthy but what about “envy”.  You see we Americans are guilty of both.  We are not content with what we have – I don’t make a ton of money and have been leaving within my means since May 2007 (that means no credit care use).  I have never felt freer.  I have been able to be content with what I have.  Is one of the reasons why Americans are so needing a change is that they have been living above their means?  Is  the reason why  Americans have so many foreclosures is that people bought homes that they could not afford? (I am not saying the lenders are not guilty – they are).  The problem is that when you seek to keep up with Jones you are going to get burned. 

Now, I really am going to step on toes.  What about those people who really do need help?  What about those people whose life has taken a toll?   I am guilty of not helping more – as a Christian I should do more – I may not have money but I have time and that is valuable to feed the needy, to donate clothes to shelters.  I think it is the churches job – I heard someone use Acts 4 as a reason for government to be involved and I find that sort of funny.  We think we can bring God into society when it fits our agenda – however it is the churches job to choose life, it is the churches job to help the poor and needy, it is the individuals responsibility and when we get moving incredible things can happen.  Peter did say “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  I applaud the Democrats for emphasizing the second part but can’t they do that without government intervention?  I applaud Republicans for valuing traditional values such as protecting the life of the unborn and protecting the way God created marriage?  I think we as Christians emphasize one part of what God says.  Are we Christians so polluted by the world that we don’t hear God and what he desires?  Do we give like we ought to give?  What if we actually did give a tithe – what could happen? Imagine the possibilities…our God is capable of more than we can ask or imagine…


Just some thoughts….




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