Morning reading

26 10 2008

As I am reading through Ephesians during my quiet time.  I not only study it but reread it to see what God has to say to me for that day and a verse in Chapter 2 struck me and am so thankful especially since I have gone through a rough patch the last few days – “for through him we both have access to the Father by one spirit.”  The amazing thing is that I have access to the Father.  I can tell him  my praises, my thanks, my sins, and yes my hurts, my frustrations, my hang ups, my being historical with things going on in my life (yes, I used the right word there – historical).  I thought of another verse – “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. ”  God is my refuge.

As a side note, this morning at Westside was very moving and the spirit was at work in numerous lives.  My heart included I didn’t realize that I had some forgiving to do – not the obvious forgiving but the reaction by some caused me to distance myself – to question me being there – I was ready to give up and walk out of Westside and yet I heard a quiet voice saying stick this out and I know why now.  Does it mean that what I do there will remain the same?  No.  Will I keep listening to God and hear his direction? Yes.  I am involved in the preschool ministry – could there be a change coming? Yes, I am seeking Christ.




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