27 09 2008

This is true.

This is true.

Sorry – saw this on and loved it:


16 09 2008

I have been watching the news on the financial markets – AIG’s 85 Billion dollar loan the government gave it, the Lehman Brothers (a brokerage -code for investment bank) goes under, Bank of America buying out Merrill Lynch and the housing situation. Here is some questions:
– when do we say it’s about personal responsibility?
-why do we need to give loans and credit to questionable people (home mortages)?

I think it’s important that the government is a good steward of our money. I would rather 85 billion dollars go to those people whose house got destroyed by Ike, organizations that are helping people. I would remind people during this election cycle – that anything that these candiates want to spend money on that IT’S OUR MONEY, IT’S OUR TAX MONEY. Do you really trust the government with your money? Do you think they would make the right decisions? If you want to feed the poor and hungry, should you trust the government or give to a charity who will make the right decision (for good charities to give to go to on the web) . I think the government does have a role but I also think personal responsibility is important.

Encourage Verses

7 09 2008

I have been dealing with some stuff at work and I found these verses and this restored my joy:
“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall for the Lord holds them by the hand.” – Pslm 37:23-24

I have a habit of taking my eyes off Christ and look at my circumstances but these verses made me stop and think about Christ and all that I have in him. God knows every detail of my life – that can be scary or a relief and for me it is a relief. Thank you Lord for being concerned about every detail of my life and thank you for delighting in me….