Health Insurance…

22 08 2008

I read on the internet about universal health care.  I don’t disagree but I don’t agree either.  Let me give you an example – a small business who believes in health insurance and pays for the insurance without a co-pay on the employees premium keeps going up which causes problems and cutbacks in the small business.  In a lot of businesses the employer would not consider paying the higher premium so that benefit will go by the wayside.  Why can’t this employer buy into a group rate with several small businesses?  This will help every employer and most of all the employees (some probably don’t have coverage).  This will reduce the number of people without insurance without billing the taxpayer…

Now, what about the people who are laid off or have pre-existing conditions, I believe they SHOULD be covered but instead of the government paying for the insurance why can’t they buy into a government plan at a reduced rate again saving the taxpayer.

I am sure there are some groups of people that I am not thinking about and in some rare cases should the government assist absolutely BUT the thing is until the lawmakers get the pork out of bills I can’t go for a tax increase to pay for these things.  Is it more important to a law maker to get a museum or a bridge to no where than to help people get insurance?  We HAVE to live on a budget – from the individual to businesses to the government.




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