The main reason I won’t vote Obama

21 08 2008

I have been watching alot of the political coverage this year so far and there are some fundamental reasons why I can’t vote for Obama.  Let’s talk economics first – he wants to increase taxes.  While he is saying that he won’t increase payroll taxes for anyone  who makes more than $250,000, I have hunch that is not true and that lower paid people may pay more.  I also worry about him increasing Social Security withholding.  That is the economic reason.  I am all for helping people but I really believe the church and individuals are best to help the poor, the hungry, etc.

Next comes an issue that goes to the core of who I am – social conservative issues (abortion and gay marriages and family values).  I really don’t like that Obama voted present instead of voting up or down.  He couldn’t vote yes to protect a baby that was alive outside the womb when the Abortion was messed up – okay, that to me is a live human being and should be protected as such.  Next Gay Marriage, he says that marriage is between a man and woman but yet he won’t protect that union and he is for civil marriages.

I can’t in my good mind vote Obama while the person I wanted is not on the ticket – I will vote for pro-life, low taxes, pro-family. 





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