14 08 2008

I know that this past Monday night was tough for me – I had to say good-bye for now to a good friend.  I remember the first time I met Debby we were in the old Westside building and I was so nervous walking into this environment where I knew no one and God saw to it that one of the ladies in my former study was in that group and I stuck with this group – no one could fathom the friendships and love that would develop in this group.  I remember going up to Debby after a meeting at church asking her if we could hang out more so I could learn from her – I did not know at that time what I would learn from her but GOD used her – she would be the first to point out it’s God in her.  I think back of the conversations we had and the honesty that she had about her hurts, her struggles, and how life stinks sometimes (if you don’t know this LIFE STINKS sometimes).  She also modeled how you can have faith in the midst of the bad things in life.  She had a love for scriptures that is amazing while this trait I have seen in others – I have not met a person who daily heard from God.  The lesson I learned most from her it’s not in strength where you learn the most from people – it’s in weakness – it’s in your weakness that God becomes real to you and when you KNOW God it’s a witness to others and your faith is encouraged. It’s her transparency  that I love the most. 

The other thing that stood out to me is she involved me in her life – from helping with her family, to having dinner, and taking walks with her.  My only prayer is that as much as she served and ministered to me – I served and encouraged her.  My heart is saying I hope I gave that back to her.  So often, we (and I) can be selfish in our love and that is something to guard against.  Our life group is going to miss her.  I’m going to miss her availability and more than that I am going to miss going to her house and being able to hang out.

Thanks Debby!




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