28 08 2008

It has been crazy at work lately.  I haven’t had time to breathe the last two months – I have been totally exhausted and still am.  I shared this with some close friends and they have been praying for me.  I have made it this week because of the prayers said by them and me.  I am truly grateful because without the prayers of these people  I would have gone insane this week.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart – “I thank my God every time I remember you.”   I will get some time off next month due to appointments so the stretch of not having any time will be broken .

Health Insurance…

22 08 2008

I read on the internet about universal health care.  I don’t disagree but I don’t agree either.  Let me give you an example – a small business who believes in health insurance and pays for the insurance without a co-pay on the employees premium keeps going up which causes problems and cutbacks in the small business.  In a lot of businesses the employer would not consider paying the higher premium so that benefit will go by the wayside.  Why can’t this employer buy into a group rate with several small businesses?  This will help every employer and most of all the employees (some probably don’t have coverage).  This will reduce the number of people without insurance without billing the taxpayer…

Now, what about the people who are laid off or have pre-existing conditions, I believe they SHOULD be covered but instead of the government paying for the insurance why can’t they buy into a government plan at a reduced rate again saving the taxpayer.

I am sure there are some groups of people that I am not thinking about and in some rare cases should the government assist absolutely BUT the thing is until the lawmakers get the pork out of bills I can’t go for a tax increase to pay for these things.  Is it more important to a law maker to get a museum or a bridge to no where than to help people get insurance?  We HAVE to live on a budget – from the individual to businesses to the government.

The main reason I won’t vote Obama

21 08 2008

I have been watching alot of the political coverage this year so far and there are some fundamental reasons why I can’t vote for Obama.  Let’s talk economics first – he wants to increase taxes.  While he is saying that he won’t increase payroll taxes for anyone  who makes more than $250,000, I have hunch that is not true and that lower paid people may pay more.  I also worry about him increasing Social Security withholding.  That is the economic reason.  I am all for helping people but I really believe the church and individuals are best to help the poor, the hungry, etc.

Next comes an issue that goes to the core of who I am – social conservative issues (abortion and gay marriages and family values).  I really don’t like that Obama voted present instead of voting up or down.  He couldn’t vote yes to protect a baby that was alive outside the womb when the Abortion was messed up – okay, that to me is a live human being and should be protected as such.  Next Gay Marriage, he says that marriage is between a man and woman but yet he won’t protect that union and he is for civil marriages.

I can’t in my good mind vote Obama while the person I wanted is not on the ticket – I will vote for pro-life, low taxes, pro-family. 


Favorites commericials

14 08 2008

Favorite commericial one:

And my all time favorite commericial:


14 08 2008

I know that this past Monday night was tough for me – I had to say good-bye for now to a good friend.  I remember the first time I met Debby we were in the old Westside building and I was so nervous walking into this environment where I knew no one and God saw to it that one of the ladies in my former study was in that group and I stuck with this group – no one could fathom the friendships and love that would develop in this group.  I remember going up to Debby after a meeting at church asking her if we could hang out more so I could learn from her – I did not know at that time what I would learn from her but GOD used her – she would be the first to point out it’s God in her.  I think back of the conversations we had and the honesty that she had about her hurts, her struggles, and how life stinks sometimes (if you don’t know this LIFE STINKS sometimes).  She also modeled how you can have faith in the midst of the bad things in life.  She had a love for scriptures that is amazing while this trait I have seen in others – I have not met a person who daily heard from God.  The lesson I learned most from her it’s not in strength where you learn the most from people – it’s in weakness – it’s in your weakness that God becomes real to you and when you KNOW God it’s a witness to others and your faith is encouraged. It’s her transparency  that I love the most. 

The other thing that stood out to me is she involved me in her life – from helping with her family, to having dinner, and taking walks with her.  My only prayer is that as much as she served and ministered to me – I served and encouraged her.  My heart is saying I hope I gave that back to her.  So often, we (and I) can be selfish in our love and that is something to guard against.  Our life group is going to miss her.  I’m going to miss her availability and more than that I am going to miss going to her house and being able to hang out.

Thanks Debby!


12 08 2008

Why I can’t wait until Fall…

  •  Football
  • Leaves turning
  • did I mention Football
  • the end of the NASCAR season
  • closer to more time off of work (Thanksgiving/Christmas)
  • working more and that means closer to getting out of debt and closer to my own house
  • did I mention KSU Football (18 days until kickoff, not that I am excited for KSU Football)

Yes, the fall means the start of the KSU football season.  GO KSU!!!

Great Definition of Faithfulness

11 08 2008

From my devotional this morning:

The very term faithfulness means proving true to one’s word, adhering to promises made, being reliable, trustworthy, and utterly dependable. What He has said, He will do, and His promises are backed up by the attribute of His faithfulness. – David Jeremiah, Turning Point Devotional ( 8/11/08 )

Encouraging Verses…

4 08 2008

I went to the Beth Moore simulcast this past weekend and she shared some verses in Psalm 126.  The verses are 5 and 6:  Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.  He who goes out weeping,  carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.

I think how life can be difficult at times – I look at what my friends have gone through and are going through.  My friends are sowing tears right now – I am glad that times of joy will come for them because of their faithfulness to God and spending time in his Word.  I am rejoicing that the pain that I experienced through elementary school up until my freshman year of High School (the tears) is producing songs of joy.  It has been a long road – a road of counseling, friends praying for me and with me, and my own time with God.  God will produce good out of hard times – I think of Romans 8:28.

Life stinks sometimes — but God is faithful and he does love us…

Have we?

2 08 2008

Have we become so used to people exhorting us in the word of God that when a true teaching moment comes we get disappointed and bored????

I just got done with a gift Study and learned there is a big difference.  Exhorting encourages us to apply what we have learned while teaching goes into the meaning and the history of Words.  At my old church I felt like he taught the Word of God but didn’t exhort us into living a more Godly life.  At my current church I feel like they teach us how to apply the Word of God without getting into the history and meaning of the words in the passage. I would prefer exhortation but I also value a good teaching moment once in a while.  I think that is the beauty of Christ – we all have gifts so we can know Christ!

Moments like these

1 08 2008

So, I went to the Beth Moore Simulcast tonight and came home and had an incredible night.   The worship was fantastic.  At the end after Beth spoke about allowing the Word of God to having maximum impact in our life she had the praise team come and lead worship.  It was incredible – it was one of the occassions where God really met me where I was at (as a side note I love to worship after the message – it’s just more meaningful to me).  I will share more after the entire conference is over, but I am bushed and want my thoughts all together when I write what I learned.

“being confident of this that he who began a good work in you will carry it onto completion until the day of Christ Jesus” – Phil 1:6