City Walls…

31 07 2008

I read this in my devotion this morning and it struck me because we talked about self-control in my life group a couple weeks ago and I thought David Jeremiah had some good points:

“Proverbs 25:28 likens self-control to the wall around a city. Self-control is a defense against enemies like temptation and impulse. If the wall of self-control has never been established or has not been maintained, our life is a prize waiting to be claimed by our spiritual enemies. But self-control for the Christian is not a matter of grit and determination. Yes, it takes resolve and commitment, but that is another way of saying “submission to the Holy Spirit.” For the Christian, self-control is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is His life within that gives the power to say “No” and “Yes” when self-control is called for.

 To the degree that you are “out of control,” consider whether that is the degree to which the Spirit is not filling your heart and mind with His presence.

The final quote I thought was great as well…

 The fruit of the Spirit is not excitement or orthodoxy; it is character. 
G. B. Duncan




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