What if…

20 07 2008

Ah, the what if’s are coming back..

  • what if the church takes the great commission seriously – making disciples (not just adding numbers to the church)
  • What if the church befriended and cared for the broken individuals and were their friend instead of casting them aside
  • what if the church dreamed of mutiplying instead of adding numbers?

God is stirring in me and I am really serious about this mentoring idea.  God has been speaking to me and I have to obey.  I dream of the day where women who are young and want to have a mentor – know where to go.  I think of the women I know who are hungry for the word and they have a desire for a life group but  they also want a mentor or someone they can talk to about scriptures that they are reading during the week. I am convinced sometimes peer groups aren’t the best group for people but a group of different ages that way young women can get to know older women (in the faith not chronologically speaking), because I think the best mentors are friendships that are naturally developing not just made by the church. 

I am excited for the life group I am in.  We are taking disciple making seriously and some of the ideas stated here are being implemented.  I thank God for the vision God has placed in my heart and the new dream he has placed inside of me.  I used to think leading a life group was the only way to  disciple but leading a group is not where I am strong – my strength lies with one on one contact and because of this I pray for an opportunity to invest in someone else’s life long term.  I am also in a transition and am looking for a Paul to come along side me once again since Life change happens and it is causing my current mentor to move.




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