Whatever it takes…

18 07 2008

Whatever it takes…is that the attitude that people have toward making disciples – not church goers but people who make Jesus Lord or Master of their life and allow him to take control of their life.  I think some people think just because they go to a group or a church they are getting discipled and to a certain level they are, but I also have come through three years of being discipled or mentored by a Godly women (A WOG) and there is a BIG difference.  This was meeting every other week or sometimes we had to meet once a ou month due to  our schedules.  We talked about how to go about disciple-making and we looked deeply at what love means and and how it is flushed out in our lives (and what a study it was!). While my Life Group is amazing, the majority of growth happened in the times I spent with this woman. 

I really have seen the value of a mentor.  It is said you should have a Paul (mentor), a Timothy (a person who you are discipling) and then a Barnabas (an encourager) – I agree.   Does the church as a whole value mentorship? Or is it something that an individual needs to seek out?  I think the church should lift up mentorship and I also think that it is the responsibility of the person who wants to develop their relationship with Jesus.




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