Economic problems in the US

9 06 2008

Okay, I am going to write something that might step on toes – might get people angry but I have been thinking this a long time – I know what I am to say does not fit all situations but it would take a lot of the pressure off people – the reason that a lot of people are struggling financially is a four letter word – DEBT.

Debt is a killer of people’s most valuable wealth building and giving ability their income.  Debt on cars, houses, consumer debt (TVs, furniture, etc).  It is tough keeping up with the Joneses.  I drew a line in the sand last May – saying I won’t borrow another dime – I have played this game to long and I am sick and tired of it.  Debt controls what you do with money.  The home mortgage problem – people got into bad loans and now people are getting foreclosed on.  I am tired of people saying the economy is bad – again like I said on Saturday – what happened to personal responsibility. Do I believe in Charity? Yes!!!    Do I believe in feeding the hungry? YES!  Do I believe that there are situations that require others to help? Yes    What I am saying is take it case by case and the government should not blindly hand out money!!!





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