What is a birthright?

7 06 2008

I was watching Fox News this morning and they were talking how Obama was saying that college is a birthright and the government should pay for college just like K-12.  Okay, I am not for this.  I think we have more pressing matters in the US than paying for college for students – the homeles, the hungry, the poor.  While college is important, what happened to personal responsibility?  What happened to delaying going to college so you can pay for it – work for a few years and then go?  I am for helping the needy but I don’t conside the needy – High School students going to college – I am reminded that this is a great country we live and I believe 68% of the world’s wealth resides here.  I want to challenge big business to help more students who want to go to college instead of raising taxes to pay for college.   What are birthrights? clothes, shelter, and food???? 




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