Tornado alley – KSU campus

13 06 2008

Well, it looks like my college town got hit by a tornado on Wednesday night.  It brought back some great memories and some memories of the growth that was required in college.  Some of the buildings they said got hit reminded me – oh, yeah – that was the building where I had to take Math and Physics (I hated both of them) and then there was Umberger Hall – where I had US Politics and then Human Development (I think that was the class title).  Thankfully it weakened when it hit campus. 

I also know 30+ homes were destroyed, businesses where destroyed, and the things that people value got destroyed but thankfully no lives were lost.  I look at the horrific spring we had from the tornado that hit downtown Atlanta, to the tornado that hit Gladstone, to the most recent in Manhattan, Chapman, and the boy scout camp in Iowa, to last night where I was listening to 980 and they were reporting a funnel cloud by SM Parkway and Monticello (right by our old church building).  My heart goes out to these people and wanting to help comes to my mind.





Economic problems in the US

9 06 2008

Okay, I am going to write something that might step on toes – might get people angry but I have been thinking this a long time – I know what I am to say does not fit all situations but it would take a lot of the pressure off people – the reason that a lot of people are struggling financially is a four letter word – DEBT.

Debt is a killer of people’s most valuable wealth building and giving ability their income.  Debt on cars, houses, consumer debt (TVs, furniture, etc).  It is tough keeping up with the Joneses.  I drew a line in the sand last May – saying I won’t borrow another dime – I have played this game to long and I am sick and tired of it.  Debt controls what you do with money.  The home mortgage problem – people got into bad loans and now people are getting foreclosed on.  I am tired of people saying the economy is bad – again like I said on Saturday – what happened to personal responsibility. Do I believe in Charity? Yes!!!    Do I believe in feeding the hungry? YES!  Do I believe that there are situations that require others to help? Yes    What I am saying is take it case by case and the government should not blindly hand out money!!!


What is a birthright?

7 06 2008

I was watching Fox News this morning and they were talking how Obama was saying that college is a birthright and the government should pay for college just like K-12.  Okay, I am not for this.  I think we have more pressing matters in the US than paying for college for students – the homeles, the hungry, the poor.  While college is important, what happened to personal responsibility?  What happened to delaying going to college so you can pay for it – work for a few years and then go?  I am for helping the needy but I don’t conside the needy – High School students going to college – I am reminded that this is a great country we live and I believe 68% of the world’s wealth resides here.  I want to challenge big business to help more students who want to go to college instead of raising taxes to pay for college.   What are birthrights? clothes, shelter, and food????