Grace or a Gun?

27 05 2008

Something has been on my heart the last two days and that is when Christians fall into sin and they are reaping consequences to their sin do other Christians meet them with judgement, condemnation, and rejection (i know it can depend on your spiritual gift) or do you meet them with mercy and acceptance.  I think when I look back into my life – most of the people I knew met me with a judgmental heart and a harsh heart instead of mercy when I royally messed up.  This caused me to  do the same thing over and over until a year and half where I hit a brick wall and came broken before two people and the person who was helping meet me with a heart of mercy and a “now go and sin no more” attitude.  It is because I have seen Jesus in this person that my whole life and perspective has changed.   It is fine for you to call a sin  a sin but if you see repentance and a heart that desires to get right and you reject them that is wrong as well.    Just to let you know I am a messed up person saying these things – I am far from the holiness that God desires.  I just challenge myself when I see sin – do I meet the person ready to stone them like a Pharisee or do I stoop down and draw and ask can I cast the first stone?   Do I meet them with grace or a gun?




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