God of this City

30 05 2008

An event that really hit my heart this week was the God of this City rally.  We prayed, worshipped, and had communion as the Church (3 churches – 1 purpose).  I pray that this will be a start of something really uniting in Kansas City.  We have to many people who don’t go to church – What if all believers would start to see each church as a teammate instead of saying we are against them because they do this or the don’t do that?  Let’s stop beating up our teammate and work together to reach the  people who don’t know Christ.

Grace or a Gun?

27 05 2008

Something has been on my heart the last two days and that is when Christians fall into sin and they are reaping consequences to their sin do other Christians meet them with judgement, condemnation, and rejection (i know it can depend on your spiritual gift) or do you meet them with mercy and acceptance.  I think when I look back into my life – most of the people I knew met me with a judgmental heart and a harsh heart instead of mercy when I royally messed up.  This caused me to  do the same thing over and over until a year and half where I hit a brick wall and came broken before two people and the person who was helping meet me with a heart of mercy and a “now go and sin no more” attitude.  It is because I have seen Jesus in this person that my whole life and perspective has changed.   It is fine for you to call a sin  a sin but if you see repentance and a heart that desires to get right and you reject them that is wrong as well.    Just to let you know I am a messed up person saying these things – I am far from the holiness that God desires.  I just challenge myself when I see sin – do I meet the person ready to stone them like a Pharisee or do I stoop down and draw and ask can I cast the first stone?   Do I meet them with grace or a gun?

When Life Hurts Most

19 05 2008

I was listening to this series last week by Louie Giglio.  It was timely since it was a challenging week with old stuff and new stuff combining for a tough week.  I was thankful for hearing this – Louie reminded me when life hurts most to look at the cross – it reminded me that he loves me, it reminded me that even when life seems out of control he remains in control, and he also reminded me that God paints on a canvas bigger than we can see.  When life hurts most, that is when I need to hold onto scripture the tightest – to get support when I am clueless and to remember these things that Louie talked about. 

He also said that we convey a message when we go through trials.  Do I sit there and have a pity party?  Do i ignore the hurt and pretend those things didn’t happen?  Or I go full into this situation and process it with God in the middle of the circumstance?  Do I yell? This stinks but I will put my hope in the Lord.  Do I remember “the name of the Lord is a strong tower the Godly run to it and are safe”.  

The best thing – God is taking something broken and mending it in a way only he can.  Will it take time? YES.  Will I have to put the past behind me?  YES! 

Going Laps

14 05 2008

I have heard it said that God will keep bringing stuff into your life until you learn the lesson that God wants you to learn and how to handle it in a God honoring way so when I say I don’t want to go another lap that is what it means…understand????

thank you

4 05 2008

I have been doing a lot of remembering the last week – remembering that it was this past week that I began my faith journey, this weekend was the first time I went to my current church but more than that I remember those people in my life that helped me a long the way.

my sixth grade teacher – the first teacher that believed in me and saw potential in me…a great blessing

my CCD teacher during the confirmation process – the first person that I saw the living Christ in and God started knocking on my heart…

a friend who invited me to K-Life in 9th grade and introduced me to the God who could know me personally and went to an activity where people valued me – a kid who was in speech therapy for K-8 grade needed a place where people valued me.

Rich Fox the K-life leader who gave a message on Evangelism that worked in my heart which led me to trust Christ during my sophomore year of High School (May 2) – I will never forget that night where I kneeled beside my bed and asked Christ into my life.

Heartland Community Church – Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!  You gave me the opportunities to start serving Christ, to sit in on leadership training during the summer, you were totally honest when a dream I  had did not come true.  God knew what he was doing!  I met a man who believed in College Students and invested himself into training and developing leaders on the college campus.  He has been an encouragement to me!

a pastor – for teaching me the word of God, not application but a knowledge of the Word that I go back to.

my current church – two women who have walked with me and taught me lessons about forgiving those who have hurt me,  how to trust Christ through severe suffering, who believe in me – and helped me get a world vision!

I guess belief in me is a big deal but what is even a bigger deal is that God has a plan for me.  He wants me to obey and serve him no matter what.  I must keep the main thing the main thing as my old college pastor said.

All I got to say to God is thank you – thank you for the people who have been put in my life.  Thank you for the people who spoke truth even when it hurt, thank you to someone who encouraged me to go to counseling and then decided reconcilation was not needed when I messed up.  Thank you that I have a God who is faithful even when I am unfaithful!