Vision/Mission/Reaching out

27 04 2008

As promised these are my thoughts regarding our churches focus right now…

Vision – to reach Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth

Mission – to reach people for Christ and grow believers to be like him

The means – the body of Christ, the church


– by using a building God gave us almost two years ago – to pay down the debt…and to allow for counseling – that helps the hurting, the discouraged, the confused…to reach kiddos who have so much energy and who have incredible potential and the life groups that I have found to be a essential part of my life the last four and half years (which is another entry all unto itself – share that story on May 2 – which outside of my birth is the biggest day of my life!)

– by using regionals to reach out to the unchurched, the hurting, the people who won’t drive to the main campus because they live 20+ minutes away!  Way to go – OP and the Speedway!

– by taking time out of our schedule to go feed the homeless, to provide school supplies to those who can’t, to come along side those people who are in a crisis pregnancy .

– and finally to allow those who have a heart for missions to go to the ends of the earth – Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, and finally, India.   Thanks to all those who go!

That is the mission and vision of our church.  My only wish is that we did not have to use 80% for the building.  I wish we could get this debt paid down as soon as possible with gazelle intensity so we can be about the business of God – to love people as God would love them….I wish I had MORE money to give to this campaign – it is worth my one and only life. 

As a side note, I loved today’s service.  It showed the creativity, the originality of the people at the church.  I applaud them.  WAY TO GO!  My prayer is that I see more of this – not things taken from other churches – God gave us way to gifted people in our midst to do that – it’s not a knock on the other churches and taking ideas from them but I believe in my heart that we can develop them into our own.  The best days are ahead of this church.




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