Gazelle Intensity Video Funny

22 02 2008

I saw this last night and thought it was pretty funny!  You do need to know where you are headed when you are gazelle intense… 

New Book of the month: Character Makes A Difference – Mike Huckabee  (will be sharing parts again on this blog)

Epilogue Quiet Strength

18 02 2008

I finished Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy last week and it was truly one of the very best books I have read.  It is very encouraging…

“That’s what this is all about.  Touching lives.  Building a legacy – not necessarily on the field but in those places that most people will never see.  Trying to be faithful in the position God has given me.  I love coaching football, and winning a Super Bowl was a goal I’ve had for a long time.  But it has never been my purpose in life.

My purpose in life is simply to glorify God.  We have to be careful that we don’t let the pursuit of our life’s goals, no matter how important they seem, cause us to lose sight of our purpose.

I coach football.   But the good I can do to glorify God along the way is my real purpose.  I want to help people see the path to eternal life through Christ, to enjoy an abundant life now, and to fulfill their God-given purposes here.

 We are all role models to someone in this world, and we can all have an impact – for good.”

MY WORDS…not as good…:) 

A reminder – glorifying God means reflecting him – am I growing and reflecting him more and more.  I mess up big time and grace overflows and I see God forgive me but I am here to become more and more like him.  I am so thankful that I have had a mentor the last three years but I know that will be changing starting sometime this summer but I cherish those times where we talked and my thoughts became more Godly.

A final thougt:  “So make every effort to apply the benefits of these promises to your life.  Then your faith will produce a life of moral excellence.  A life of moral excellence leads to knowing God better.  Knowing God leads to self-control.  Self-Control leads to patient endurance, and patient endurance leads to godliness.  Godliness leads to love for other Christians, and finally you will grow to have genuine love for everyone”  II Pt 1: 5-7

A new expert Quiet Strength…Tony Dungy

9 02 2008

“A Super Bowl win with the Bucs would have been wonderful.  I could have used that platform in a tremendous way.  But I think my getting fired had an even greater impact.  It’s easy to be gracious when you’re carried off the field in celebration.  It’s more difficult when you are asked to pack up your desk and your pass code doesn’t work anymore.  I think people look more closely at our actions in the rough times, when the emotions are raw and our guard is down.  That’s when our true character shows and we find out if our faith is real.  If I’m going to call myself a Christian, I have to honor Jesus is the disappointments,too.”

****How true but how difficult*****

a little politics

1 02 2008

Watch, it’s true…don’t pay attention to the Media…it’s NOT  a two man race… Huckabee  for President

A fun piece just discovered…