12 12 2007

I have come to find out this summer is going to be full of changes.  God is starting to get me out of my comfort zone.   I guess he is once again challenging me to step out of the boat.  He is the best in rocking the boat.    Some of them will be awesome and am REALLY looking forward to these changes (one thing a co-worker is leaving for Idaho in June and I will probably have a little more say in what I do).  The change at this job could cause changes at my second job as in less hours there – I really enjoy working there so that is bad 😦

Another change is a move that a good friend is making.  At least I know she is a phone call away but it’s not the same as being in the same town.

God has been good to me in my times with him while I have been reading the Old Testament and the very first books and I have realized the sacrifice that Jesus made on my behalf. I can’t imagine living under the  sacrifices anymore.   I am truly thankful.  I am in Numbers right now – sort of dull – it’s talking about the position of all the tribes…but why was it important to record that in history?  I guess that’s a good question.  I am also reading Matthew and I love how Christ challenges us to lose our life for his sake – hard, impossible yes but with the Spirit guiding and stirring in us God works himself out in our life. 

I have been in an ice storm and the beauty of the trees with the ice on them is incredible.  I was driving and thought of God’s handiwork yet the beauty can cause the trees to be destroyed, homes to be damaged, and a lot of people are without power.  It kind of reminds me how humans are God’s masterpiece yet their lives can be destroyed, families in disarray, and they live without the power of God in their lives….wow…more later….




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