30 10 2007

I read different blogs and found one very interesting from my old youth pastor and my old pastor, Tim Keel (his blog: http://www.timkeel.com/timkeel/).  He was talking about Willow Creeks admission lately that they and the churches that are similiar are not teaching people to self-feed.  I got to think about my own spiritual journey and what God has done in my life since I joined my church that I belong to now.  Before I joined my current church I went to church heard a great message with a lot of meat and deep teaching while I went home and never really had a quiet time or knew what it meant to “be still and know that he is God”

I came to a church where we want to reach people for Christ and grow believers to be like.  My journey is a real witness to this mission.  I knew Christ and about him but I got involved in a Life Group and a real transformation occurred.  What did I learn?  Each person should have the Bible, community, prayer, and the Holy Spirit transform them.  It was until three years ago when somebody opened the scripture and had me read a story that I got that the Bible applies to me today and I desire that time now.  I have been blessed to be mentored by two people the last three years and what a blessing it has been and also to share life with 7 incredible women.  I need to go back to the blog  no matter what church you go to…a church that has “deep theological” teaching or a church that has more “life application teaching”  – it is that persons responsibility to be in the scriptures for themselves for real life change to happen.  And so the mission “grow believers to be like him goes on”




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