Trust in Leadership

27 10 2007

I have been thinking alot about trusting leadership lately especially since it has been several months since my church has been in a crisis.  Last time this happened to me – I heard rumors and gossip and didn’t know what to believe so I left that church –  this time I weary but I really sense God saying hang in there – is it tough yes – I guess without a pastor who teaches every Sunday and no end in sight to this “rotational” teaching pastor it has been hard lately.  This is my rough thoughts and it has been hard on me.  Yet I am remembering God saying TRUST ME.

  • God I  don’t know who will be the pastor? TRUST ME
  • God I am feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainity?  TRUST ME
  • God, I am struggling?  TRUST ME

It has been an interesting last year and I have learned how to start making my thoughts obedient to Christ – I am work in progress, but a masterpiece (that blows my mind and hard for me to believe) in the works.  Just some random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon.




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