Your mind: The Battlefield

22 09 2007

From Kay Arthur Lord, Heal My Hurts:

Satan’s goal is to set up strongholds or fortesses in our minds.  Our responsibility is to stop him.  In warfare, it’s strategic to set up a beachhead in your enemy’s territory. This gives an inside base of operations….

When you dwell on things that are not of God or that are against God, or when you fantasize evil, you are giving the enemy grouund on which he can erect a stronghold or a fortrees.  This is why Paul says we are “destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God” II COR 10:5

“In other words, whenever a thought came to Paul’s mind, he evaluated it to see if it was pleasing to Christ and if it was in acord witht he Word of God.”

Just some thoughts that hit me – I struggle with taking thoughts captive and then I dwell on them and they become bigger than the original statement…




One response

4 10 2007
Godson Kwabla Ocloo

i so much enjoy your short presentation on the battle of life. I am a pastor
of ten years in the ministry and in constant look for materials like this for self -upliftment and teaching of a congregation of about 150.
i will be very gratefull for further assistance from your outfit for the growth of GOD’s kingdom.

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