We will not forget…9/11

10 09 2007

Tomorrow marks a sad anniversary in our Nation’s history.   I will never forget where I was when the planes hit the World Trade Center.  I was making photocopies of something (something to do with engineering).  I came back to my desk and remember them talking about the planes  hitting the buildings and it looked like Terrorism.  I remember being in a daze that day and not even that day but that week.  I remember all the radios that were banned coming on and us listening to the coverage and then going to the TVs to watch the coverage.  I also think about the fear that gripped me that day – thinking what the heck is going on – especially after the White House and Capital emptied out. 

I also think of how businesses shut down that day to allow the employees time to digest what just happened.  I will not forget…I had a distant cousin in those buildings – I remember getting called within a couple days asking about a woman from Lee’s Summit – I didn’t know her  but out of curiousity I asked where she was born Beaver Crossing, NE – the exact place I was born.

We shall never forget the lives lost

We shall never forget the bravery shown that day

We shall never forget the price that our soldiers are paying today

I will never forget the unity of our nation that day and the days following…

To remember look at these videos:






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