Passing of a good friend…

6 09 2007

My friend was white, had brown streaks by her eyes, and you had to watch or you would be stolen from…who is this friend?

Sadie Bell Geis

She was my family’s  Brittany for 12 years.  We got her when she was a pup unfortunately she had really bad hips due to disease when she was real young. 


  •  Her flying off the stairs and running around the house and then collapsing and falling asleep when she was a pup
  • Her streaming toilet paper down the stairs at my parents house.
  • Her stealing things and wanting food.  (She never harmed the item)
  • Play time between Holly and her
  • Her cute cute face. 
  • Her barking when she was hungry

She was put down on Tuesday. My parents house a little empty compared to when she was around.  She was my little white furry friend and I will always have great memories of her.  How do not miss a great pet and dog like that?  I am sad but I have another dog named Holly at my folks and she is a great Golden…

My tribute to Sadie!  This was the last picture I toke of her.  She was old and didn’t move to well.




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