5 06 2007

I have been following the story of Kelsey Smith a lot since I got an e-mail about it yesterday.  I was watching the news and the all out search for this missing girl.  It has really captured my heart and I weep for this family.  I watched the news tonight and they think they might have captured the truck that might have been involved and they have a person of interest.

There is a reason why I am talking about this — the reality of a person doing an all out search for us…He looks until he finds us.  I am a prodigal.  I have spent my time on things that don’t fulfill.  I have had my “gods” .  God desires to be in relation with me – He loves me and wants a relationship with me.  He was on a search for me – I turned in 1991 to him.  I praise God that I understood what Christianity meant – a personal relationship with him not religion, rules, etc. but a living and breathing relationship.  I show my love by obeying him.  I loved what Pastor Dan said this weekend (actually two thoughts):

1.  We need to commit what we know about ourselves to whatever we know about Christ.

2. Once that commitment is made we need to do it daily because as humans we take it back.

Okay, so this from a girl’s kidnapping – my prayer that the family will know what happened to this girl and that I would surrender all to Christ…




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