4 06 2007

This is an usual Monday for me…I have no Life Group…I am not going to see the women who have been impacting on my life.  I admire each one of them for a different reason – one for just pursuing Christ with everything she has inside of her and perserving through the stuff of her life, another one her perservance, another one for her dedication to prayer (hmm, there are a lot of them in this group), another one just sticking with it and being patient where she is at,   one just here energy and just her outgoing personality,  and there are a couple others in our group.  I will miss them – I was disappointed that we are not having it tonight – due to some circumstances beyond our control.

I am in the midst of making some changes or hoping I make some changes – I looked at some stuff and it woke me up to how things are and yes, I am going to have to make a big change here in the next couple months.  I don’t have a choice – if I did I would stick with things as they are but I can’t.  It’s going to rain and I don’t know when but it will and I need to be prepared. 




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